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Solar Pool Controler for Pool or Hot Tub - GoldLine 235

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Solar Pool Controller - Goldline GL-235


Solar Pool Controler for Pool/Hot Tub

Goldline®’s GL-235> is the country’s leading automatic solar controller and is designed for easy dependable operation. The unit’s microprocessor-based technology ensures reliable and accurate performance. Simply set the controls for the desired pool temperature and the unit will heat your pool whenever there is enough solar heat available. Goldline’s solar controller can also be programmed to cool your pool on hot summer evenings and to protect against freezing. The unit comes complete with a 3-way motorized diverter valve and a water and panel sensor. The diverter valve is set up for 2” diameter plumbing and is 110/220V convertible.

Add America’s most reliable automatic solar controller to your solar system with Goldline’s GL-235 Controller. Backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty.



Goldline Controls, the world's largest manufacturer of differential solar controls, is pleased to introduce the exciting new Aqua Solar. The field expandable Aqua Solar solar pool controller is the culmination of over 27 years experience in the manufacturing of solar controls. The Aqua Solar is housed in a locking weatherproof enclosure and it's advanced operating features offer selectable high limit, programmable recirculation freeze protection and nocturnal cooling, optional pool sweep interlock and booster pump control. And with the TC model an integral time clock is included for 24 hour control of the pool's filtration pump with a selectable solar override feature.

Automatic Heating If the collectors are warmer than the pool water by 4 degrees F or more, and the pool is below the selected desired temperature, the valve will rotate allowing heat collection. The heat collection stops when the solar sensor temperature falls to within I.5 degrees F of the pool temperature or the pool temperature exceeds the selected desired temperature.

Automatic Cooling (Field selectable option) If the collectors are cooler than the pool water by 8 degrees F or more, and the pool is above the desired temperature, the valve rotates allowing cooling via the solar collectors. The heat dissipation continues until the collectors rise to within 3 degrees F of the pool temperature or the pool temperature is lowered below the desired temperature.

Single Setting For Desired Temperature The Aqua Solar is set by a single dial adjustment with the desired pool temperature clearly indicated. The dial is calibrated with the temperatures from 70 degrees F to a high of 104 degrees F for quick and easy, user-friendly operation. The temperature set indicates the desired pool temperature. The Aqua Solar will automatically determine if the water should be heated or cooled, thus maximizing the solar system capabilities.

Terminal Strip Connections for input power, and sensor inputs. Controls also have industry standard 3 pin connectors for both forward and reverse valve actuator operation.

LED Indicators show the status of the system operation. Seven highly visible LED's show 1) power to the control, 2) power output directing valve and/or pump to collect heat (heating), 3) power output directing valve and/or pump to dissipate heat (cooling), 4) sweep interlock indicating the pool cleaner pump is in the lock-out time allowing for flow to establish previous to turning on, 5) sensor fault indicator shows pool sensor not operating properly, 6) sensor fault indicates open or short circuit, 7) sensor fault for auxiliary sensor.

Valve Output on the Aqua Solar is the industry standard 24 VAC. Output is fuse protected.

Recirculation Freeze Protection (field selectable option) turns the Aqua Solar output ON, directing warmer pool water through the collectors when near freezing temperatures are noted at the auxiliary sensor. The Aqua Solar allows recirculation when the aux. sensor falls below 34 degrees F and will stop circulation when the temperature rises to greater than 36 degrees F. Two 10K Ohm sensors are required for operation. One or more freeze snap switch sensors are also recommended if freeze recirculation protection is utilized. Important-See instructions before using freeze recirculation.

System Operation and Test Switch allows the user to manually override the automatic function of the Aqua Solar to verify the operation.



Standard Product Features:

  • GL-235 Solar Pool Control
  • Microprocessor based = digital accuracy
  • 12/24VAC low voltage output (for valve)
  • Sensor fault detection with LED indicator
  • 2HP@240VAC high voltage output
  • 75F (24C) - 104F (43C) calibrated dial with "solar off" position
  • Re-circulate freeze protection (field selectable)
  • 120/240VAC input
  • Nocturnal cooling (field selectable)

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